KGBL-III, who have driven the scientific foundations of the platform, its academic dissemination and masterfully advised on the pedagogical use of LearningML.

  • Gregorio Robles
  • Jesús Moreno León
  • Marcos Román González, who has done an impeccable job in the dissemination of LearningML.

  • Jesús Moreno León
  • José Ignacio Huertas

EchidnaSTEAM, who have promoted the integration of LearningML with educational robotics through the Echidna boards and are an unconditional support in pedagogical advice and dissemination.

  • José Pujol Pérez
  • Jorge Lobo
  • Francisco Javier Álvarez
  • Xavier Rosas

The friends who have translated the platform’s texts into several languages and who have helped LearningML to become more international!

  • Dave Ames (@davidames) (english)
  • María Loureiro (@tecnoloxia) (galego)
  • Vicenç Casas (@VicenCasas) i David Muns (@davidmuns) (català)
  • Luca Baraldi (@elbilab) (italiano)
  • Adrian Koegl und Peter Hubwieser (Deutsche)
  • Κατερίνα Τσαράβα (@k_tsarava) (griego)

Fundación Cruzando (Chile), who are helping to disseminate the platform and has promoted teacher training courses with LearningML

  • Rodrigo Fábregas y colaboradores

Ammagamma solutions (Módena, Italia) who are helping to disseminate the platform in Italy and have incorporated it as a tool for teaching ML in some of their courses

  • Pietro Monari
  • Luca Baraldi (@elbilab)

Universidad de Loja (Ecuador), who are helping to disseminate the platform and studying its code for further development and use in an ambitious project on mathematics and artificial intelligence.

  • Luis Chamba-Eras y colaboradores

Students from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos who are studying the source code of the platform to continue its development as part of their TFG.

  • Isaac Merchan Blanco
  • Álvaro del Hoyo Arias
  • Ignacio Rueda Rodríguez

Roberto Marcano Ganzo, who has designed the friendly genie and his amazing machine as a metaphor for the Machine Learning that accompanies us while we use LearningML

El genio de LML
El genio de LML

And a very special thanks to all the teachers and students who are using LearningML to learn a bit more about the world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

And of course to my wife Paula and my sons Jara and Ciro for the “absences” they have to put up with when I go into “development” mode and travel inside the machine to build this modest piece of software.