What is Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a set of algorithms and techniques with which prediction and classification models are built from known data sets. Although there are many types of Machine Learning algorithms, they all share a similar operating structure: a set of data whose classification is known in advance is presented as input to the algorithm. With these data correctly classified, the algorithm adjusts a series of parameters of a model so that in addition to classifying the input data, it is capable of classifying new data whose classification is not known in advance.

Machine Learning is one of the most successful fields of Artificial Intelligence. Although many of its techniques and algorithms have been known for a long time, it has been since 2015 that a true Machine Learning revolution has occurred. This is due to the computing power of current computers combined with the large amount of data that currently exists on any topic. So much so that when the media talks about Artificial Intelligence, most of the time they actually refer to Machine Learning.