Premium sponsorship

Every donation is valuable for the project, but the way to guarantee its maintenance and obtain funds to develop new functionalities is through periodic contributions. If you have a company, association, foundation or are an individual who wants to participate in a more committed way in supporting the project, you can make a monthly contribution (of course cancelable whenever you want). We have established 3 donation levels, in each of them we offer you the possibility of adding your logo with a link to your website on the main page of the LearningML editor. When you are going to subscribe, indicate in the form if you want to add your logo to LearningML and we will contact you so that you can send us an image with the logo and the URL of your website.

Finally, if you want to make a smaller or larger periodic contribution, you can use this form. If you would like us to add any special functionality to LearningML. Or if you can think of any other way to contribute to the project, write to us through our contact form.