Why learn Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically a set of techniques known as Machine Learning, has burst into society with force, and every day with more or less awareness, we are using it when we search on the Internet, when we We let ourselves be advised by the recommendation systems of content distributors, when typing on our mobile phone with a predictive keyboard, when the mobile phone is unlocked by checking our fingerprint or our face, when we use automatic translators and on many other occasions that in some way help us. affect.

It is true that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems offers new and prosperous opportunities to society, but it also introduces new risks and ethical issues that must be addressed. We think that the introduction of artificial intelligence content in schools through practical projects is the way forward to educate conscious and critical citizens, to awaken vocations among young people, and to foster students’ Computational Thinking skills.

However, most existing programming educational platforms lack some features necessary to develop complete AI projects and, consequently, new tools are required. On this website we present LearningML, a new platform aimed at supervised machine learning, one of the most successful AI techniques that is at the base of almost all current AI applications and with which we intend to cover this lack of tools for practical teaching of Artificial Intelligence.