Resources for learning AI and ML

The National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF), through its CodeINTEF project, offers us educational resources on Computational Thinking, programming and robotics. These are some of them devoted to AI and ML.

Artificial intelligence in the classroom with Scratch 3.0. If you still don’t know much about Machine Learning and want to get into its study, this resource will come in handy. It provides a complete and didactic introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, a virtual assistant is built with Scractch in several video tutorials and is completed with a great deal of information and resources on Artificial Intelligence. In the videotutorials we use Machine Learning For Kids, a fantastic tool that has inspired LearningML.

Can we trust the AI? Machine Learning is not 100% accurate. Moreover, its results depend very much on how good the data set used to teach the machine is. This gives rise to a problem known as bias, explained in this resource, and which gives rise to major ethical dilemmas.

We learn to teach a computer with Teachable Machine V2. This resource presents a tool, called Teachable Machine, with which you can easily get started in the world of Machine Learning.