Ideal to enter the world of Machine Learning. It can be used from the last years of primary school.

This version adds the classification of sets of numbers and the advanced mode, with which you can explore the behavior of ML algorithms.

For those who want more power programming applications. All phases of ML are done by programming. Ideal for high school, professional training and first university courses

For those who prefer to have LearningML v1.3 installed on their computer (Linux, Windows, Mac) and skip the Internet. Ideal to be incorporated into educational Linux distributions and for schools that have internet connection problems

Gather data

Collect text or images about something you want to classify automatically and add them to LearningML by indicating which class each one belongs to. This data makes up the training set.

Build a model

Build with LearningML a model capable of correctly classifying other data different from, but similar to, that of the training set.

Build an application

Export your Machine Learning model to Scratch and program an application with the ability to classify data on the topic you have chosen. Congratulations! You have incorporated Artificial Intelligence into your Scratch program!

See how easy it is to build with LearningML an application that is able to recognize the gestures of a person’s face so that a character can imitate them.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning, is a set of algorithms and techniques  which allow to build prediction and classification models from known data sets. Although there are many types of Machine Learning algorithms, all share a similar operating structure: a set of data whose classification is known in advance are presented as algorithm entries. With these example data the algorithm adjusts a number of parameters in a model so that, in addition to classifying the input data, it is able to classify new data whose classification is not known in advance.

Machine Learning is one of the most successful fields of Artificial Intelligence. Despite the fact that many of its techniques and algorithms have been known for a very long time, it has been in recent times that a true revolution in Machine Learning has taken place. This is due to the computing power of today’s computers combined with the large amount of data on any subject that exists today. So much so that when we talk about Artificial Intelligence in the media, most of the time they really refer to Machine Learning.

Why learn Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically a set of techniques known as Machine Learning, has burst into society, and we are using it more or less consciously in many situations, since lot of popular applications such as  web search engines,  recommendation systems of content distributors,  predictive keyboard, face recognition or automatic translators, are using some kind of Artificial Intelligence.

It is true that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems offers new and prosperous opportunities to society, but it also introduces new risks and ethical issues that must be addressed. We think that the introduction of AI content in schools through practical projects is the way forward to educate conscious and critical citizens, to awaken vocations among young people, and to foster students’ Computer Thinking skills.

However, most of the existing educational programming platforms lack some of the features needed to develop practical AI projects and, consequently, new tools are required. In this website we present LearningML, a new platform aimed at supervised machine learning, one of the most successful AI techniques that is at the base of almost all current AI applications and with which we intend to cover that lack of tools for the practical teaching of A