FAIaS: A Fruitful Collaboration

It is with a bit of sadness that I write this blog post to conclude the FAIaS (Fostering Artificial Intelligence at School) project, which has been a major step forward for LearningML. FAIaS was an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission with the goal of bringing the use and understanding of artificial intelligence to schools. It began in September 2020 and recently ended in August 2023.

And what better tool to carry out this adventure than LearningML? In recent years, the FAIaS project has made many contributions to LearningML, from developing new features to creating materials and video tutorials about the tool.

But perhaps the most relevant contribution has been the work to disseminate LearningML and involve educators. Thanks to the FAIaS project, we now have a large number of video tutorials on the tool, but more importantly, we have many teaching activities created by and for teachers. There are now more than a hundred educational activities on a wide range of subjects (from mathematics to Greek) for all ages. We have activities for primary, secondary, high school, special education, and even vocational training students.

Here are some links to results from the FAIaS project that are related to LearningML:

Several hundred educational activities with LearningML(in spanish)

Several video tutorials on how to use LearningML

Several happy hours on how to introduce AI in schools with the participation of teachers presenting their experiences, expert comments, etc.

In addition to several features that were developed in collaboration with the project, such as the use of K-nearest neighbors (KNN) and Naive Bayes, data set recognition, and audio recognition (although the latter is not yet in production). We also collaborated on translations, testing new features, bug reports, and other software project-related activities.

Here you have the master’s final works prepared by Isaac Merchán, Ignacio Rueda and Álvaro del Hoyo.

I am confident that the collaboration between LearningML and the FAIaS project has been a success. The tool has matured significantly and is now a valuable resource for teachers and students. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a talented and dedicated team. I am sure that we will continue to see many of those who have collaborated under the umbrella of the FAIaS project here.