Introducing LearningML in Latin America

A couple of weeks ago Rodrigo Fábregas, from the Cruzando foundation, invited me to present LearningML to the friends of Iberoamerica. It has been a great opportunity to teach this work that, of course, I have not missed. So yesterday, November 4, 2020, I participated in the event “Artificial Intelligence: from the School with Scratch and LearningML”. I think that the tool has been appreciated and that many Latin American teachers will try it out. I hope that it will be useful to them in their classes and that little by little we will incorporate more and better programming and artificial intelligence into the school. From here I would like to thank the Cruzando Foundation and Rodrigo Fábregas for their interest and the organisation of the seminar which, if you are interested, can be viewed at a later date.

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