LearningML Online Research

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In order to analyze if LearningML is a didactic tool that really serves to learn contents of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (instructional validity) and at the same time is attractive and easy to use (apparent validity), some members of the KGBL3 group (@J_MorenoL, @gregoriorobles, @elpsycomago and @juandalibaba) have designed an investigation that, given the confined conditions in which we find ourselves, has had the particularity of having to be online. This is something that we had not done until now, since the norm in this type of action is to be carried out in the classroom. But, as they usually say, “with the wicks we have to see what basket we make”.

So with the invaluable help of our programming friends, who have helped us to spread the experience, on June 1st we started the action and data collection phase which has lasted until last Sunday, June 21st. We have organized this phase in the following way.

First we spread through social networks our intention to do research on LearningML, encouraging teachers, trainers, parents to involve their students, daughters and sons between 10 and 16 years, in the research. Completing a test on artificial intelligence and machine learning was the first thing they did. Then, on June 8, we carried out an online training in which we made an introduction to artificial intelligence and showed how to use LearningML to program applications capable of recognizing text and images. Then the participants started to explore LearningML and to build their own programs. Finally, they filled in a second test and there the intervention and data collection phase was concluded.

In total 469 students have participated and 184 have reached the end, so we have enough data to make a statistical analysis that will be very useful to get an idea of how the tool is working and what we can do to improve it. In addition, we have given a good push to the dissemination of LearningML, which was another of the objectives of this experience.

Now we have the job of analyzing that data and drawing conclusions from it. As soon as we have done so, we will let you know. I would like to end by expressing our enormous gratitude to all the teachers, trainers, parents who have helped us by participating with their students, daughters and sons and coordinating our instructions. Without you this would not have been possible. Thank you! It has been a truly enriching experience.