NOOC Artificial intelligence for the common good

Inteligencia Artificial Para el Bien Común is a nanocourse developed and facilitated by Jorge Lobo Martínez (@lobo_tic) that is part of INTEF’s training offer. Despite its brevity, it manages to give a fairly complete overview of Artificial Intelligence, how it is being used to improve society, its risks and even how to introduce Artificial Intelligence activities in the classroom.

Course participants were offered 3 different levels of activities to complete the course. Levels 2 and 3 proposed a practical activity with LearningML, and some of the results were as follows:

So I am very grateful to my colleagues at INTEF and to Jorge Lobo, the creator of the nanocourse, for trusting in LearningML and supporting this project. Undoubtedly these things are the ones that give strength to continue maintaining and developing it.

If you want to know more about this nanocourse, I recommend you to read this post: NOOC Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good at a bird’s eye view.

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