LearningML becomes polyglot

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The Internet, as Jesus Moreno appreciates in this tweet, has wonderful things. Since we started to spread LearningML the story that the tweet tells has been repeated 3 times.

First, after speaking at an online seminar on Computing Education Research organized by the foundation raspberry pi, Dave Ames (@davidames) offered to translate the messages of our application into English.

Then, during the online research we have recently done, one of the participants, María Loureiro (@tecnoloxia), offered to translate LearningML into Galician.

And finally the story of the tweet happened: from a meeting about Scratch organized by ScratchCatalà, the teachers , Vicenç Casas (@VicenCasas) and David Muns (@davidmuns) offered to do the translation into Catalan.

So in less than a month and thanks to the power of the Internet collaboration, we have had LearningML available in Spanish, English, Galician and Catalan. The process, as Vicenç Casas (@VicenCasas) points out in this tweet, is very simple. And you, do you dare to translate LearningML to another language?